Kids Menu



  • Kids Bax Burger 8.00

    beef patty, cheese served with fries [g.f.o]

  • Kids Veggie Burger 8.00

    house made bean patty served with fries [v.g.o / g.f.o]

  • Kids Fish and Chips 8.00

    battered haddock served with peas and chips

  • Kids Chicken Goujons 8.00

    batter chicken served with peas and fries

  • Kids Scampi and fries 8.00

    wholetail scampi with fries and peas

v/ vg = Vegetarian / Vegan

v.g.o / g.f.o. = Vegan Option Available / Gluten Free Option Available

Allergens Disclaimer

If you suffer from any allergies or intolerances please tell your server when ordering.  We operate a kitchen in which all allergens are present at all times and are in constant use.  While we make every effort to prevent cross-contamination in our kitchen, we cannot guarantee that any food item on our menu is FREE from any specific allergen.